Sunday, November 2, 2014


My sweetest pup Tat (short for Tatiana) left us on October 23, 2014 after 16 long years. She was a very special dog that touched many lives – I wish words could convey how truly amazing she was. So many people said they never liked Chihuahuas until they met Tat. (Why do Chihuahuas get a bad rap?) In her younger years, she was quite rambunctious and loved to play fetch and snuggle. As she got older, her favorite activities were sunbathing and napping. Even as a senior dog, Tat still looked like a puppy with her flop ears. She gave the best greetings every time you came home, so excited and happy to see you again. She even did a little laugh! Sixteen years is a long life for a dog. Tat created so much love and happiness in this world. Her essence of beauty and love will live on in so many wonderful memories. RIP, my little angel.

XO, mama

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  1. Your "biological mama" knew you were an angel the moment we met. You were the best gift I ever brought to our family. I'm so grateful to your gwanny and especially your mama for loving you to the extreme. We miss you, angel pup. Thank you for filling our hearts with joy we never knew we were missing until there was you.