Monday, April 16, 2012


From Lisa's Family: We got Lisa when she was a puppy and she lived with us for 15+ years. She was happy, healthy and of course neurotic for most of he life. She slowed down some the past few years, her vision going a bit, her hearing going even more but her nose never failed her and that's what mattered to her. From a very young age we knew she was a "scent hound" with a singular focus, who has been here?
On Easter Sunday we needed to end her suffering. She was old and frail but the crisis came the night before when she was attacked by a pit bull. I don't believe pit bulls are inherently evil but they are unpredictable and more importantly; the damage they can cause with their strength and speed makes them dangerous.
Dr. Barry Rickman came to our rescue Sunday morning. We were desperate to end her suffering and Barry was willing to make a half hour drive on Easter morning to perform an in-home euthanasia. Lisa would have been terrified to be put in a car and taken to the emergency clinic, she always hated going to the vet. She passed away on her bed in our bedroom with her people and Elvis the cat surrounding her. We will be forever grateful to Dr. Rickman for his kindness, compassion and expertise and we want to thank his whole family for their sacrifice of his time on a Sunday morning.
Lisa, you will be missed for a very, very long time.
You were the best dog any family ever had and we are blessed to have been a part of your life. We will never forget you. Momma and Papa.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Miss Lucy Mae

Elissa, her owner included the following:
She was approximately 20 years old and was definitely the princess of the house. She would meow at us until we did what she wanted or went where she wanted us to go. One of her favorite things was to be carried around the house. She especially liked it when I cradled her like a baby and she would touch my face with her paw. She was a sweet and gentle girl and was very connected to us. She had a perch on the window sill in the living room. About 10 minutes before I would get home from work my husband said that she would stop what she was doing and go sit on the perch and watch for me. When I would come through the door she would run over to me and meow to be petted. Her favorite place to be was under the covers in our bedroom and she would sleep there all night. I miss our little Lucy.


Cinnamon's family shared the following: Cinnamon was a very sweet, smart, and mellow dog. Here are a couple of pictures of Cinnamon in the snow with snowballs hanging from her.