Saturday, September 21, 2013


A Tribute to Boo (1998 - 2013)

September 19th, 2013

My 15-year-old beloved kitty, Boo, was put to rest today after weeks of trials and tribulations  A champion fighter to the very end, she died a peaceful death. 

My gratitude to Dr. Barry Rickman, VMD, owner of Peaceful Companion services in Seattle.  What a beautiful experience, Doctor.  You learned last minute of my own personal struggles of when to let her go.  You allowed me to let her pass with the dignity and grace every life deserves.  And it really warmed my heart at how you loved my choice where this took place (and what gorgeous weather we had!)

Boo adored playing, napping and strolling in my large garden, so it seemed appropriate having her pass to the other side in "Boo's Garden" (while snuggled in my arms.)  Boo's ashes will be sprinkled throughout the garden this Spring (especially her favorite sitting spot near the bird bath!)  She may be gone, but her spirit will live on in spades.  I can't wait for new flowers blooming next year—she often looked with wonder at the beauty surrounding her.

Who knew a 4-legged, furry creature could leave such HUGE paw prints all over my heart.  Amazingly Boo did just that—tons of "head butts" and kisses later.

She always reminded me of a little human in a cat suit (with a big personality!)….sweet, loving, affectionate, smart, funny, gentle and yet fiercely independent.  And yes, as you can see in the picture, plump and furry, too.  She sure loved her belly rubs.  And such a perfect and adorable face!  (hey, I'm partial.)  She was a devoted companion and "my sole family" while here in Seattle.  Or maybe I should say, she WAS my heart & soul!

To everyone who has ever owned an animal, and those of you who still do, may the wonder of a pet's love and devotion touch you all.  It certainly did me (my first pet ever….well, of the "meow and woof-woof" kind anyway.)

Much appreciation  also extended to Boo's various providers and top-notch hospital staff at ACCES (especially Dr. Amanda McNabb), who assisted during her time of critical need.  And to family and friends who graciously allowed me to share with them what was going on—you allowed me to "pre-grieve" without judgment. And to her pet sitters' over the years, mostly Nikole from Little Wet Noses, who adored Boo as though she were her own.  And last but not least, to my dear friend, Dianne, who is an animal activist and humanitarian in St. Louis; I'm not sure what I would have done without the quality time you spent with me the day before my precious girl was let go (such a gift!)  You are truly a compassionate and wise woman, and I am thankful you are in my life.

And a gigantic thank you to Boo's first mommy, Miranda, who moved out of Seattle years ago and allowed me the privilege of loving and caring for Boo (born as "Sadie"), when she was just age six.  What an unselfish act of love!  Sadie (Boo) was originally quite the 'travlin cat I learned—born in Houston,  moved to San Diego, then to New York City and her final ten years in Seattle.  

You see, I really thought she was a feral cat….the friendliest, most confident, plumpest and sweetest "feral" cat ever.  Turned out she was the neighbor's cat, whose busy work schedule meant Sadie (Boo) was outdoors many, many hours a day.  MISS INDEPENDENT.

Boo chose to officially enter MY life on 4th of July, 2004, when we truly adopted each other—SURPRISE.  She was waiting at my door after the fireworks ended, and long after Miranda's moving truck pulled away earlier that day.  Yep, she escaped the move and knocked on my door around 11:00 p.m.!  

Of course I was already in love with this little animal I decided to call "Boo," as we were always bumping into each other for one year on the property—a fluffy, furry bundle plopped in the middle of the parking lot enjoying the sunshine whenever she got the chance!   I couldn't believe how adorable this kitty looked.  I started rubbing her belly and under her chin, and to my delight—she loved it.  The little rascal got used to the cans of tuna I  left out for her, too.  We often eyed each other with caution—and one day, it turned to pure and unadulterated love.  

Boo wishes everyone a heartfelt good-bye, where she now resides in Kitty Karma Heaven.  She has found a new garden to enjoy, furry friends to play with and is listening to the birds singing away.  I know she is well taken care of, jumping up and down and walking again, and very happy in her new home.  And yes, she finally gets to meet her grandma! (please take good care of her, Mom.)

Good-bye my sweet, sweet precious kitty.  You were loved incredibly much and gave me more joy than you'll ever know.  You are God's angel-girl now, and I was so lucky and honored to have you in my life.  Some of life's greatest lessons can be learned from our furry friends (as letting go), and you taught me so much.  

Jump high and often, little one, and walk to your heart's content!  Nothing's holding you back anymore, Button Nose.

Meow and loving hugs to all.

-Chris (and Boo)