Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Our dog Toby is greatly missed. He had been my companion for my entire adult life and became the friend, protector, and patient plaything of my 4 children. He had many doggie friends and outlived them all. I know he must be so happy to be reunited with his two best friends, Gabe and Tilli. 

Everyone who met Toby loved him and his dog sitter gave him the nickname, "Gentleman" because he had good manners and was always happy. 

He loved to swim though it took him a while to figure it out. For about a year he refused to enter the water. One day I just picked him up and threw him in and after that it was a real struggle to get him out! He used to swim and fetch sticks in Lake Chelan for hours until we forced him to take a break. He loved to range on wide open spaces and investigate all the smells and sounds of a new place and bring back any interesting things he found on the way (usually something stinky!)

In his older years, Toby preferred to hang around and only occasionally frolic with his dog buddy, Kai. Just a week before his passing, he played in the sun for a couple hours and showed more energy and life than the younger dog. 

His constant presence in our lives was a source of peace and joy to us for 14 years. I'm so thankful that Dr. Rickman was able to help me release Toby to greener pastures in the most peaceful and comfortable way possible. We will never forget our very best friend.