Thursday, November 20, 2014



In the year 2001, I was working 50-hour weeks, 
commuting 10 hours a week and living in a 
townhouse that would never have allowed a 
dog. Early one morning I had a vivid dream. I 
dreamed I sold everything I owned, bought a dog, 
packed up my station wagon and traveled across 
the country camping with my dog in the national 
parks. The dream was so delicious, it left me 
blissful for days. As it turned out, I was able 
to live that dream—and Kendra was that dog. We 
didn't make it all the way across the country, 
but in many ways she and I traveled a lot 
further. For twelve years we were practically 
inseparable. I worked from home, camped with 
Kendra in the remotest places and became a 
spiritual contemplative. Kendra made that 
possible. She was my soul's companion and my 
ferocious bodyguard. I have no doubt that we 
came together under a spiritual contract that we 
made long before either of us was born, and it 
cannot possibly be expressed in words how 
grateful I am to her. I have told her so many 
times that I am sure she knows: Kendra, thank 
you for coming to earth to be with me. I love you with all my heart."

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