Wednesday, March 20, 2013


My loving companion for 14 years, Takoda came to me in a crate from Chicago Illinois (by way of Iowa City, Iowa, where he was bred) when he was just 10 weeks old.  If I had a nickel for every time someone said "What kind of dog is that?" or "What a gorgeous dog that is!", I could retire by now. He once caught the eye of a famous Pacific Northwest photographer Art Wolfe and Takoda now resides in his book, Dogs Make Us Human.  It felt at times as though I loved this dog more than life itself….at least I couldn't imagine life without him.  My sun rose and set over Takodabear (as my boyfriend will attest to, but graciously knew you were in with us both, or not at all)….that's the way we rolled, and my only regret is that he's not still with me.  He's free now of the wear of 14 years, God rest his animal soul.  He was a special, special dog.  Forever in my heart Takoda, I love you so.