Tuesday, June 25, 2013


To My Dear Sweet Tucker Speron,

When I think back on your 16 years with us, memories rush back of all 
that you shared with us. You watched our kids go to college, return 
and then go off on their own. You became fast friends with our 
retriever Shelly before Shelly left this world. Just as quickly, you 
adapted to our dog Ginny who was quite the 12-lb spitfire to your 26-lb 
frame. Yet, you were ever gentle, once more proving just how adaptable 
you were to our ever-changing lives.

In recent times, you moved with us to our new home, a bit older, yet 
once again proving how you were willing to adjust to us and our life 
changes. You quickly claimed the main floor as your domain, laying 
next to the fireplace on colder days and the entryway to the back deck 
on warmer afternoons. Cool breezes, the sunshine, and the sounds of 
the bird's songs were among your favorite moments. How I missed your 
sweet meow this morning when I awoke and came downstairs!

Your relentless playful nature was ever present, whether playfully 
batting the dog with your paw as she dashed by you or jumping up on my 
bed in the morning when you were tired of waiting for your food. Your 
mischievous expressions, your meticulous cleaning skills and your 
sandpaper tongue, are all set to memory as my favorite things. I’ll 
fondly recall each day about 7pm, just after supper, when you curled up 
on my lap on the sofa, constantly kneading and purring so loud I'd have 
to raise the volume on the television just to hear it over your sweet 
sounds. You, my sweet Tucker were not only a pure joy in my life, but 
a constant companion; a safe place to fall.

Your favorite spot in our home was by the fire so close and warmed by 
the blowing air from the fan, curled up toasty warm and purring! That 
is how I’ll remember you my sweet girl, curled up, content and purring, 
happy to be home.

Much Love Aways Tuckie, From Your Family

Thank you for everything.

Donna Speron

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